Token Generation Event is Live!

Token Generation Event is Live!

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Start Date
19th November 2018
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19th December 2018

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1 SKYM = $0.20 USD
Start Date
19th November
End Date
3rd December

The World's First

We are building a living map of the world using drone, aerial and satellite data. Authentic, collaborative and most importantly, accesible to all.

Valuable Content is

80% of all satellite, aerial and drone imagery is used only once. Soar uses blockchain technology to solve the problems of underutilization of mapping content.

Powered by

Powered by the users, the Soar marketplace is the evolution for the capture, monetisation, and distribution of mapping content.

Attention from World Class
Investors and Partners

Credibility and validation from investors and partners - from the biggest blockchain fund through to tech giants and thought leaders.


JRR Captial
Node Captial
Lateral Captial Investment
Alium Captial Management
Ostana Captial
Peregrine Corporation
Takor Group
Takor Group

Partners & Collaborations

Sentinel Hub
Alibaba Cloud
Takor Group
Aeris Weather

Facilitating the
rapid growth of
Drone, Aerial and Satellite Content

The drone industry is predicted to be worth $127B by 2025. The Soar platform taps into this market by offering a decentralized marketplace that connects customers with content creators.

Mapping Technology

Empowering industries and individuals to better monitor their operations and increase efficiency with the next generation of mapping applications.

A History of

The development team are experts at delivering high quality mobile geospatial software

World Class Management Team

Amir Farhand

Amir Farhand

CEO & Geospatial Expert

Proven entrepreneur and innovator with over 15 years of geospatial technology expertise including the development and commercialisation of various satellite and imaging processes. Since 2015, Amir has worked closely with blockchain technologies in bringing mapping to the masses using existing systems such as satellites and drones.

Guy Perkins

Guy Perkins

Non-Executive Director

A stalwart and renowned name in the field of geospatial technology over 25 years experience key management positions at global organisations including ESRI (the world biggest mapping company), MapInfo, ER Mapper and Hexagon. Guy has recently co-founded aerial imaging technology companies, NearMap (valued at $600M) and Spookfish (recently acquired for $136M.

Phil Carulli

Phil Carulli

Non-Executive Director

A chartered accountant with almost 20 years’ experience working in public practice and corporate accounting and director of Optima Financial Group, providing taxation, business and corporate services to a diverse range of businesses in Australia..

Rick Revelins

Rick Revelins

Head of Corporate

With over 30 years of experience with international investment banks in the area of corporate finance and corporate advice Rick has held various directorships including being the Chairman of Atlas Iron Limited (one of Australia largest iron ore mining companies) and Head of Investment at Peregrine Corporate.

Rick Revelins

Col. James Rhetta (Ret)

Principal Technical Advisor

Over 25 years’ experience with the US Air Force and has been involved with developing and using geospatial mapping systems including aerial, drone and satellite systems. James has particular focus and interest into the impact of blockchain into mapping systems. The rest of James biography is currently classified.

Nizam Ismail

Nizam Ismail

Legal Advisor

A regarded thought leader in the field of blockchain compliance, Nizam is currently Partner and co-founder of RHTLaw Taylor Wessing in Singapore. Nizam previously served as Deputy Director at the Monetary Authority of Singapore, as well as the Head of Compliance for Southeast Asia at Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley.

Operations Team


Token Structure

  • See our Whitepaper for more details
  • Total raise is $20,250,000

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A highly detailed and regularly updated map would be very helpful in emergency management, from planning through response and recovery to the mitigation of future events. ...

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Soar will be the platform for the future of all mapping and geospatial content. This new breakthrough and global marketplace will usher in a new era for all mapping content ...

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Soar is trying to shift the needle by offering equity and tokens to institutionalised investors, but even with these types of changes that make these startups more liable, there needs to be projects that have a strong backing and more than just a wishy-washy promise laid out on a whitepaper ...

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Soar will create a platform that has the ability to deliver a crowd-sourced knowledge model that serves the whole of humanity ...

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The implications of this are amazing! Now the world has a ‘super-map’ which can be a reference point that has valid data ...

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仅在过去的短短几年,互联网就让人们的生活发生了翻天覆地的变化。以谷歌为首的地图应用让人们不用依赖纸质地图就可以周游世界 ...

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